AltDaily features video about The Glass Theater

AltDaily, Norfolk’s source for news, art, and culture just released this video about The Glass Theater:Phantom.  You can see documentation from the performances, as well as commentary from co-producers Kim Harty and Charlotte Potter.

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Photos from The Glass Theater: Phantom

Photos from The Glass Theater: Phantom. all photo credits belong to Echard Wheeler, unless otherwise noted.

Bohyun Yoon and Kishi Bashi are about to take the stage. The hotshop is filled to capacity.

Bohyun Yoon and Kishi Bashi are about to take the stage. The Chrysler hotshop is filled to capacity.

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The Glass Theater: Phantom, TONIGHT at the Chrysler Museum of Art


Months of hard work all come together tonight, for the debut of the Glass Theater: Phantom at the Chrysler Museum of Art.  Artists have been rehearsing in the studio for the past three days, and its going to be an electrifying show.   The Robin and Julia Rogers have turned to hop shop floor into a reflecting pool, Bohyun Yoon and Kishi Bashi have created an electronic glass symphony, and Jocelyne Prince has conjured a breathtaking optical illusion.  We are looking forward to tonight, and to bringing the show to a live audience in Norfolk, Virgina!

You can also download a copy of our program here.

Phantom is less than a week away!

PhantomArtistCardThe inaugural show of the Glass Theater is less than a week a way!  We are overwhelmed with the amount of talent that will be included in the Phantom show, so if you are in Norfolk area, we hope you will try to make it Wednesday, Jan 16th, at 7pm (beware and get there early, it will be a packed house).  Please see the Chrysler Museum website for details, and check out a description of all the performance and contributions below.

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Phantom Program Images

This is an ongoing collection of images to potentially be used for the Glass Theater: Phantom program.  Although we are willing to pirate use about anything for the blog, we are not brave enough to xerox anything that would be under copyright, hence the tendency toward 19th century engravings. Continue reading

Phantom Contributors: Jonny Farrow, Brittany Scott, Adrien Broom, Andi Paiko and Ethan Rose

Jonny Farrow

Jonny Farrow

Jonny Farrow
Essay: Psycho Sounds and Pseudo Science
Electromagnetic waves, celestial harmonies, mesmerizing pitches and invisible vibrations are all part of sound artist, Jonny Farrow’s artistic vocabulary.  In his essay “Psycho-Sounds and Pseudo-Science”, Jonny explores the way that invisible vibrations of the glass armonica have been thought to effect the human psyche.
Jonny Farrow 
is an artist working with sound at the intersection of sculpture, installation, radio and performance. His work investigates cultural and architectural spaces through interventions Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE for The Glass Theater: Phantom


The Glass Theater: A Cross-pollination of the Arts
An evening of glass, illusion and sound.

The Glass Theater is a theatrical space for invention, discovery, and experimentation.  Using the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio Hot Shop as stage, artists, writers, performers, and glassblowers are invited to come together to expand on themes in contemporary art and culture.  The Glass Theater fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and aims to break down Continue reading

Collaborative Artists: Robin and Julia Rogers

Robin and Julia Rogers

Robin and Julia Rogers.

In a small hot glass studio in Western Montana in 2001, the paths of Julia Boriss and Robin Rogers intersected and eventually merged. At this shop, called Cloud Cap Glass, their friendship grew and their glass practices began to overlap.They both became part owners of the studio and worked together, operating the small business and creating glass works.

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